> > > Sabian – Dom Famularo SEN Mentorship Award

Sabian has recently announced the Dom Famularo Sabian Education Network Mentorship Award, which will be a yearly grant to an aspiring drumming talent.

We’re proud to announce the SABIAN – Dom Famularo – SEN Mentorship Award. Known as Drumming’s Global Ambassador, Dom has become one of the most influential and beloved drummers, teachers and motivators in the world. In the spirit that has driven him for over four decades, we’re proud to offer this annual grant to an aspiring pro drummer. To learn more and apply, please click the link in our bio.”

Dom Famularo, who’s still battling cancer, has issued a brief comment:

SABIAN announced a mentorship/scholarship in my name. And are making the Dominator cymbal. I am overwhelmed, humbled, honored and overjoyed! Get involved with the mentorship to help grow our industry. I ask all to be kind, open minded, compassionate and concerned for other people. This request I know will lift me and move the world to a better place. Be well, happy and smile…
Onward and Upward…

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