> > > Q Drum Co.’s Jeremy Berman needs your help

Q Drum Co. founder, Jeremy Berman, has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer. For this reason, the company’s purchasing manager, Roger K, has started a GoFundMe campaign.

A statement posted on the brand’s social media on the 24th of July reads:

Hello everyone, Roger here. I’m the guy behind the scenes at Q. I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a GoFundMe for Jeremy. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer which has spread to his bones and lymph nodes. He is going to begin chemo next week in La Jolla with immunotherapy to start soon after that.”

The money that is hopefully raised for Jeremy will go towards:

  • Medical bills
  • Jeremy’s month to month living expenses so he can focus solely on getting better
  • A temporary place to live in La Jolla so Jeremy can stay near the treatment facility and doesn’t have to travel back and forth for treatment sessions.


Unfortunately, the company is unable to fulfill new orders indefinitely. The statement continues:

Because of the current situation, Q Drum co. will not be taking on any new orders. If you have an outstanding order where you’ve put down a deposit, we will make sure your order is fulfilled, and we just ask for a little bit of patience. If you have any questions concerning your order, please email me at roger@qdrumco.com“.

Jeremy Berman began his career in the 1990s as a drum builder at the OCDP custom drum company. He premiered Q Drum Co. at the 2013 NAMM Show. The brand has gone on to become one of the most recognised custom drum brands on the market, with Ilan Rubin (NIN drummer and Q Drum Co. co-owner), Dom Howard (Muse), Adam Marcello (Katy Perry) or Greg Wieczorek (Norah Jones) among its artist roster.

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