> > > Pimp my cymbal: 19” Zildjian A Custom Crash | TEST BEATIT

Today, as part of our #pimpmycymbal series, we are presenting a “fixed” 19” Zildjian A Custom Crash. 

Below, you will find a video test of the cymbal with a cutout.

Before cutting, the cymbal had a few small cracks at the edge. The repair was carried out in the least invasive way possible, using modern technology. Considering the original weight of the cymbal, the cutout has not affected the sound.

Do you want to fix you cymbals? Read the info below:

I suggest you take advantage our cymbal repair service. Over the last few years, a lot of drummers from all over Poland have used my services 😉 We’ve had contact with every brand and type of cymbals in the market. It’s the best solution for saving an old, unique cymbal as well as repairing minor damage to a professional instrument!

Kuba Sroka and his team take care of every type of cymbal cracks:

  • Cymbal edge cracks
  • Cymbal body cracks along the lathe
  • Cracks starting from a keyhole/evening keyholes out   

We want cymbals to retain as much of their sound qualities as possible compared to the original. In the case of small cracks of 0.5-1.5 cm (30-50 g difference), the loss in sound is almost imperceptible!

We do not deal with turning cymbals into smaller diameters or ozone alterations. Unfortunately, cymbals after such an operation (which means rolling) do not sound good, hum often appears and the cymbal loses its character. The same is true for ozone modifications. Only paper thin/thin cymbals are suitable for this purpose. In the case of thicker ones, the sound is also not satisfactory.”

“For repairs, we use specialized machines for processing non-ferrous metals, e.g. water jet technology with additional polishing of the newly created edge!”

“This method is the safest and least invasive. It allows you to remove / protect your cymbal without overheating the material. After cutting, the edge is perfectly smooth, without any burrs or sharp edges!”

“In addition, We keep ‘before and after’ photo and audio / video documentation. We also weigh instruments at clients’ request.”

This particular bit is for those of our non-Polish viewers who are currently residing in Poland or perhaps the neighbouring countries as well: “It is possible to deliver a cymbal in Krakow, Poland and the surrounding area, as well as by mail order throughout Poland! Most deliveries are instant, pickup or return shipping usually happen on the same day! Cymbals up to 16″ diameter can be sent by parcel locker. In the case of a larger diameter, they can be easily sent via courier or post. The cost of the service is from EUR 20 per cut. In the case of several damages or several cymbals, the valuation is done individually!

The password ‘BEATIT’ will secure you a discount on the service!

Here is how to contact Kuba Sroka:

Phone: +48889337333

E-mail: lekcjeperkusjakrakow@gmail.com


Online offer: https://www.olx.pl/d/oferta/drum-cymbal-repair-wycinanie-talerzy-perkusyjnych-hihat-ride-crash-CID751-IDTOyk1.html