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As part of our new series called “My Magnificent Five“, we will be asking drummers to give us five names of their favourite sticksmen or women – those that have left the biggest mark in our guests’ musical lives. Why five? Because it is five fingers that make a strong fist (ask Five Finger Death Punch members and fans, they know it only too well). Today, it is time for session ace, educator as well as Zildjian, DW, Aquarian and Regal Tip endorser – Tomasz Łosowski.

Tomasz Łosowski's 5 favourite drummers

Tomasz Łosowski’s Top Five Drummers

When I was 8, my father [Sławomir Łosowski – keyboard player and song writer for the multi-platinum 80s synth band Kombi] brought me a cassette tape from the US. It was “Toto IV” by Toto. I asked: “Who’s this magnificent drummer?”. My Dad said: “It’s the Americans playing“. I thought those Americans had to have some kind of super powers. It wasn’t until later that I found out it was the legendary Jeff Porcaro, God rest his soul. He is my number one.

The first educational video I had was a VHS tape my Dad brought from the States. It was Steve Gadd‘s “In Session”. I gained so much watching that. Eventually, the tape was so worn it got almost transparent.

Some time later, one Vinnie Colaiuta appeared on my radar. Very recently, Vinnie has recorded a wonderful album with Robert Kubiszyn [renowned Polish jazz bass player] and Krzysztof Herdzin [renowned Polish pianist, conductor and writer], which will be released next year. They told me what Vinnie’d done in the studio. He just took a glance at the charts and nailed the whole thing on the first take. The engineer said: “Vinnie’s one of the few in LA who just sit down, look at the charts and kill it, clean, with interpretation and everything“.

Gary Novak is number four. He’s wonderful! I love him! I guess Simon Phillips would have to be number five…

Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is Tomasz Łosowski talking about his fav drummers!