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Musikmesse 2014: DW booth, Pt. 3

As most of BeatIt’s regular viewers already know, the biggest European fair for musical instruments, sheet music and music production, known as Musikmesse, was held in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany, between March 12-15, 2014.

During the first two days of the event, our cameras, operated by the entire staff, could film everything that was going on at all the exhibition halls. However, for obvious reasons, we focused on what’s the most important in the world, i.e. drums.

dw icon snare_p1

Here is part two of the report from our visit to the DW booth, which Jim DeStefano (Vice President of Sales) gives you a tour of. Our host will discuss the new DW Icon Snare series bearing the names rock’s true drum icons: Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Neil Peart (Rush) oraz Roger Taylor (Queen).