> > > Michał “Malina” Maliński & Nosowska – “Nomada” Live for BeatIt

One of the weekends last fall (October 4 and 5, 2019, to be more precise), we spent together with a talented drummer from the young generation of Polish drummers – Michał “Malina” Maliński. On Friday, October 4, our cameras recorded his performance with the popular Grubson at the Tama club in the city of Poznań, and on Saturday our equipment recorded him drumming with Katarzyna Nosowska’s band.

Michał Maliński graduated with distinction from the Music Academy in Wrocław, Poland, in the class of dr. Dariusz Kaliszuk. Currently, Michał performs with such acts as: Grubson, Nosowska, Jarecki, Dj Brk, Neonówka, and Żarówki. “Malina” is the endorser of the Turkish Impression Cymbals brand. His opinion on the instruments he uses during performances with Katarzyna Nosowska can be seen HERE.

Katarzyna Nosowska is the singer with one of the most popular rock bands in Poland’s history, Hey, and a solo artist conducting activity under the name Nosowska. HERE you can see the performance of the band Hey with drummer Robert Ligiewicz, which our cameras recorded in 2013.

Here is how the author explains the genesis of the song’s title:

The point is that very often, as people, we take such pleasure, which results from the fact that, for example, we will sit in one place for a longer period of time, we will stay with one person for a long time. These are things that require courage, but if we decide on taking such a step in life, just to be settled in, then the profits are, so to speak, quite wonderful. And the song, in turn, talks about a character who, in short, eats himself full and then gives it all back to the world, because he is not inclined to stay longer. So he is such a wanderer, someone who moves. Hence the title: nomad.” Source: Wikipedia.

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you Michał “Malina” Maliński in the song “Nomada” (‘Nomad‘), which is taken from the 2011 album titled “8“.