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Heavily and thickly produced drum beats of Electronic Dance Music have become the new standard for drummers to live up to. Recreating them live has thus become a problem for many players.

Michael Schack comes to the rescue with a lesson pack titled Electrify Your Drumming, which was prepared in collaboration with Drumeo. It includes:

  • 11 hours of content
  • Over 80 dedicated video lessons
  • 23 play-along backing tracks
  • Energy-building fills
  • Hand-clapping beats
  • Grooves
  • On-screen notation

Michael Schack is known for high-octane performances and has basically has done it all. He has played massive festival stages, small clubs, and concert venues around the world. He’s crushed it online with jaw-dropping performances on YouTube and entertaining mashup mixes and singles on Spotify.

More than a performer, he is also a clinician and teacher who knows how to translate his insights to practical results for students. He has been nominated for several “Best Clinician/Demonstrator” awards as a touring clinician for Roland Drums, and his instructional debut on Drumeo in 2013 went on to reach a total of 226,000 views (and counting). Since then, Michael’s become one of our most popular teachers, creating more than 80 videos for Drumeo Edge students on every topic you would need to cover to energize your performances.

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BTS Dynamite #Schackup

BTS Dynamite #Schackup = BOOM!?!–Shoutout to all my friends in South-Korea and to all BTS fans.

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