> > > Meinl Drum Festival 2017: photo report

Take a look at some cool shots from Meinl Drum Festival 2017!

On July 1 in Gutenstetten, Germany, a great event took place. Meinl Drum Festival 2017 was a real blast! Many great drummers, huge exhibition and hundreds of drum lovers in one place. We have captured some drumming action, and we made special gallery for you to enjoy this event as much as we did. Take a look at the pictures below to see such artists as Benny GrebChris Coleman, Annika Niles or Alex Rudinger. We will post a video report soon, so stay tuned!

Stack Cymbals

Meinl Stack

Drums Tama

Tama Star

Gongs MDF 2017

Meinl Gong

snare drum tama

Tama snare

Meinl byzance

Cymbals Meinl

Meinl Byzance

Byzance Lounge

Percussion meinl

Meinl Percussion

china prototype meinl

Meinl prototype

percussion nino

Nino percussion

djembe meinl

Meinl big djembe

old drum MDF 2017

Meinl old drum

Meinl artists

Meinl Family

Meinl Alex Rudinger

Alex Rudinger

meinl byzance alex rudinger

Alex Rudinger meinl

Tama Annika Niles

Annika Niles

Annika Niles

Nevell MDF 2017

Aric Improta roland

Aric Improta

tama star aric improta

Aric Improta tama

Benny Greb Meinl

Benny greb

Meinl Chris coleman

Chris Coleman

Sonor Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman

Meinl Dreschheads


DW Luke Holland

Luke Holland

Meinl Luke Holland

Luke Holland 2

Meinl Miguel Lamas

We hope that you will enjoy our photos. Video report is coming soon, feel free to comment!