> > > Limited Edition DW MFG True-Cast Snare

DW have announced an encore release of its True-Cast Bell Bronze Snare with the launch of the 5 x 14” DW MFG True-Cast Snare Drum two days ago. Previously, the company had issued a very limited run of True-Cast drums that were sold out within minutes of their release in late 2019.

The sand-cast pure bronze shells were designed by in conjunction with DW artist Dave Elitch. As the only drums bearing the DW Manufacturing (MFG) name, True-Cast snares include machined solid brass components: Mini MAG throw-off™, butt plate, mini-Turret lugs and True-Pitch™ tension rods.

The sand-cast, seamless bell bronze drum shell is machined with 45°bearing edges and precision snare bed. It also features a concave interior, graduating from 5mm at the edges to 3mm in the middle, mimicking the focused tonality of integrated reinforcement hoops. Machined True-Cast counter hoops add to the drum’s sonic properties and look. The drum is capped off with a 20-strand True-Tone™ snare wires and Remo Ambassador single-ply snare heads with DW MFG logos.

Dave Elitch commented on this project: “I’m a drummer and a drum collector. I’m passionate about the instrument and wanted to partner with DW to make the quintessential sand-cast bronze snare-made the right way. Every aspect of this drum was thought out and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. The result is a modern-day legend, both sonically and visually.”

Only one hundred 5 x 14” drums will be produced at the legendary California Custom Shop. The drum comes packaged in a deluxe DW MFG flight case by Calzone and will include a signed certificate of authenticity.

In December, DW will also release a True-Cast Snare Expansion Pack for DW Soundworks, Drum Workshop’s new virtual drums software. The True Cast Expansion Pack will make the True-Cast sound available to electronic drummers and music producers globally.

To find out more about this True-Cast Bell Bronze Snare please go to dwdrums.com/.