> > > GEWA G9 finally hits stores

Exactly two years ago (almost to the day), we published a video presentation of the GEWA G9 drum workstation (see: HERE) which we had filmed a few weeks earlier at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2018, where it was premiered. It has taken some time but GEWA have finally started shipping and the long-awaited drum module started to hit music stores earlier this week!

It is more than just a single module, to be exact. GEWA, in collaboration with DW (as DWe) and Remo (True Rebound mesh heads), have built three hardware configurations around the GEWA Drum Workstation G9 module.

GEWA Pro C6 

  • The flagship kit in the range
  • Comes with real drum shells
  • Offers 10” and 12” rack toms, 12” and 14” floor toms, a 14” snare drum and an 18” bass drum
  • Comes with two 14” crash cymbal pads, an 18” ride and 14” hi-hats (two physical pads)
  • Comes with a DWe Double Wing rack.


  • Comes with real drum shells (same as the C6)
  • Offers a five-piece configuration: 10”, 12”, 14” toms, a 14” snare and an 18” bass drum
  • Same cymbal pad setup as in the C6
  • The DWe rack is a simplified 3-sided frame.

GEWA Studio 5

  • Features shallower tom pads rather than full shells
  • Offers two 10” rack tom pads, a 12” floor tom, a 12” full-shell snare and an 18” bass drum (same as the other two versions)
  • The cymbal configuration is two 14” crashes, an 18” ride and 14” hats
  • Features a traditional electronic drum kit rack.

For a detailed description, see our presentation: https://en.beatit.tv/musikmesse-2018-gewa-g9-drum-workstation/