> > > Gergo Borlai releases solo album

Gergo Borlai is a monster drummer and composer from Budapest, Hungary (also known from beatit.tv’s footage). He has just released his fourth solo album titled “The Missing Song“. It is an original tribute album dedicated to influential drummers that have inspired him. All the nine songs are named after nine chosen famous drummers. All the tracks were composed and arranged by Gergo Borlai except “Terry”, which was composed and arranged by Alex Machacek. Seems like “The Missing Song” is meant to open listeners’ ears and eyes thus inspiring many drummers and musicians just as Gergo’s influences have inspired him.

The track list runs as follows:
1. Billy
2. Gary
3. Dennis
4. Keith
5. Peter
6. Kirk
7. Steve
8. Terry
9. Vinnie
You make your own guesses which drummers the artist had in mind. 🙂
The Missing Song” is released on the Blue Canoe Records label. Obviously, Gergo plays drums on all the tracks and is responsible for mixing the album. Other credits include:
Keys: Matt Rohde, Scott Kinsey
​Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Anton Davidyants, Stu Hamm, Jimmy Earl, Pete Griffin, Gary Willis, Hadrien Feraud, Anthony Crawford, Romain Labaye
Guitar: Dean Brown, Alex Machacek, Mike Gotthard, Nguyen Le, Peta Lukacs, Mike Keneally
Percussion: José Carlos Suarez
Flute: Katisse Buckingham
Talking Vocals: Ben Thomas
Voice: Melbreeze, Andrea Ladanyi
Mastering: Scott Kinsey
Album Cover Photos: Tamas Dobos
Album Cover Design: Laszlo Kraker Szabo
Gergo Borlai‘s previous solo efforts include: 17 (1997), Sausage (2004) and MMM (2009).
Gergo Borlai endorses the following brands: Gretsch, Zildjian, Drum Workshop, Vic Firth, Dunnett, SlapKlatz, Drum Wallet, QSC Audio, JH Audio, Big Fat Snaredrum, Sansha, Hanszerarzenal, Kraker Art.