> > > Gergo Borlai – “Matthew Garrison” LIVE

Gergo Borlai – “Matthew Garrison” live for BeatIt

Most drum freaks who watch BeatIt regularly (if not all of them) probably remember that on Nov 29 2013 the Poland-based DrumCenter store hosted a clinic by a drumming rising star – Hungary’s very own Gergo Borlai. It was a magnificent display of musicianship including, of course, technique but most of all the things that are the most important and yet so intangible – pulse, feeling and wonderful groove.


Today, we have a performance of „Matthew Garrison”, which has already been available for some time on a number of drumming-related websites. See for yourselves whether our praise of this Hungarian drummer is exaggerated or not. Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you Gergo Borlai