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Get Inspired: Wincent RockKey

We have launched a new series of videos under our Get inspired banner. Those are very short clips showing practical applications of new, not-so-obvious or slightly overlooked effects, hardware or accessories from various manufacturers.

We want to stress the fact that the clips will focus on presenting the application of a given instrument or piece of hardware in a quick and to-the-point way, i.e. stripped of the usual production (sevral cameras, studio post-production etc.). The objective is to show BeatIt viewers the idea behind the product at hand.

Wincent 2This time, we present the Wincent RockKey. A short glance is enough to know it is not just a drum key, but a highly practical multi-purpose tool. If a Drummer or Drummerette has not come across the product yet, they must have realized by now that it’s worth having in their personal arsenal…