> > > Anika Nilles joins the Roland V-Drums family

Roland V-Drums are instruments widely regarded as those providing the ultimate drumming experience. Currently, the flag ship among them is the Roland TD-50KV kit. The list of professional drummers who use V-Drums proves the highly advanced technology, expression and dynamics offered by TD-50 kits.

Anika Nilles, a renowned drummer and songwiter, has recently joined the V-Drums artist family. In celebration of that fact, Anika has made a new video where she plays the TD-50KV (to be seend HERE). Having tested the TD-50KV at her home studio, she said: “Electronic drums have advanced a great deal. When playing a TD-50, I could finally say that the playability and technology have reached the level which allows me to use them. V-Drums reflect the expression and groove I play with”.

Anika Nilles endorses Roland V-Drums

We are very proud to see Anika use V-Drums to create her music and videos. Her playing is very exciting while her groove, control and finesse truly help showcase the possibilities offered by V-Drums. Anika has told us that the sound of the TD-50 inspires her to create music, which has already resulted in a track recorded on a V-Drums kit. Our collaboration with Anika makes me very excited about the possibilities for future projects” – said Jules Tabberer-Stewart, European Drum Product Manager at Roland Europe Group.