> > > Zildjian K Sweet cymbals now available as cymbal pack

In response to customer demand, the Avedis Zildjian Company have decided to release its K Sweet series cymbals as a new cymbal pack, offering 15″ Hi-Hats, 17” and 19” Crashes as well as a 21” Ride.

This full K Sweet set up has the following characteristics:

  • The oversized 15” Hi-Hats, with a thin top and an extra heavy bottom offering a great deal of wash without sacrificing a satisfying and solid “chick”
  • The 17” and 19” Crashes are extra thin in weight for a fast response with unlathed bells that create nicely balanced high frequencies
  • The medium-thin weight 21” Ride is thin enough to be crashable but with great stick definition and a clear bell tone.

As the producers themselves describe this cymbal series: “Pushing the iconic Zildjian K sound in a new, sweet and responsive direction, these cymbals are great for all types of music.”

Andrew Tamulynas, Zildjian Brand Manager for Cymbals and Drumsticks says: “The response to the K Sweet Pack so far has been awesome. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from drummers on social media, as well as from retailers who voted the K Sweet Pack the best cymbal product of 2020. We’re so happy that everyone is as excited as we are about the new K Sweet pack!

Models and Sizes Available

Zildjian Part # Product Name/Description UPC
I Family Packs
KS5791 K Sweet Cymbal Pack ( Includes 15″ Hi-Hats – 17″ Crash – 19″ Crash – 21″ Ride ) 642388324875