> > > Woodys Backline Interview, pt. 3

Maciej Wójkiewicz of Woodys Backline exclusively for BeatIt, pt. 3

In this episode of our encounter with the Woodys Backline company, Maciej “Woodys” Wójkiewicz reveals the technicalities of providing percussion instruments for concerts, in which case it often turns out that the riders include such detailed specifications as… Prehaps it is best if you see for yourselves.

Our guest tells us how the company copes in situations where it is not capable of providing the equipment included in a given rider, both regarding percussion instruments and drum sets. Maciej also reflects on whether he can notice a difference between high end instruments, e.g. depending on the wood they are built from, and whether he has to tune drums included in riders in this type of work.

Here is Maciej “Woodys” Wójkiewicz for the third, but not the last time…

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