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The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, have announced the release of new RUTE-X rods.

As the latest press release reads: ‘Vic Firth understands that the familiar feel of drumsticks is missing from traditional rod designs‘. Hence the new RUTE-X rods, which (according to the company) offer the comfort, response, and balance of standard drumsticks while further improving on the volume control, versatility, and alternative sounds players look for in the perfect rods. Optimized rimshot and cross sticking capability offer even greater dynamic sound control. The Vic Firth RUTE-X rods come in four specialized models: light, medium, and heavy gauge premium birch as well as a durable poly synthetic. Each includes an adjustable dowel band to tune your sound and feel, plus a made-in-the-USA hickory wood drumstick handle with a rich timeless walnut stain finish. The RUTE-X rods are named as such because they’re a cross between rods and sticks, and the “X” in the RUTE-X artwork design marks the spot where you get the perfect cross stick strike every time.

The RUTE-X light gauge rods feature 23 light gauge premium birch dowels that offer a softer touch and less volume and attack on drums and cymbals. The medium gauge rods have 11 medium gauge premium birch dowels for a mid-range volume and attack on drums and cymbals. For more volume and a clearer attack on drums and cymbals, the heavy gauge rods sport 7 heavy gauge premium birch dowels. The durable poly synthetic rods bring a warmer, more mellow sound on drums and cymbals with 10 durable synthetic poly dowels.

RUTE-X rods are specifically designed to maintain the feel and balance of a drumstick while still providing drummers with an alternative sound as well as the ability to better control volume in settings like acoustic gigs, worship bands, studio sessions, or even while practicing” – says Vic Firth Global Brand Manager Mike Weber. “If you play with both sticks and traditional rods, these really allow you to get the best of both worlds and open up an even more creative playing experience.”

The RUTE-X rods are available at vicfirth.com, authorized dealers, and international distributor partners.