> > > Vater Carl Palmer Signature stick

In celebrating Emerson Lake & Palmer’s 50th Anniversary with Carl Palmer (the only surviving ELP member) now a Vater Artist, Carl’s new signature Vater Drumstick design will be initially released with his ELP 50th Anniversary logo – Limited for sale in 2022 only!

Carl Palmer’s new stick design
is .580” [1.47cm] in diameter, so the grip is in between a 5A and 5B in size, and 16” [40.64cm] in length. The long, gradual taper to the medium size teardrop/oval hybrid tip makes it a stick that gives a quick rebound with clean/defined tones from around the drum kit. Lathe turned from American Hickory for durability, Carl’s model is designed for versatility to cover energetic, up-tempo playing to straight ahead grooving at all dynamic levels.

Carl’s drumstick model will still be available after 2022 in these same specs (however, without the limited edition anniversary art). This is how the man himself comments on the collaboration: “It’s been a long time coming, but now I am with the best and it feels good! My new beginning starts with Vater!”

Carl Palmer is a drummer’s drummer. A consummate professional, a brilliant technician and a dynamic showman that has thrilled listeners and audiences alike as a founding member of the legendary and massively influential Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Asia. Carl has also worked with Atomic Rooster, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Roger Daltrey, The Carl Palmer Band among others. His long career accounts for over 50 million albums sold. Along the way, his dazzling speed and mastery of the drums, combined with his infectious stage personality, has him secured in history as one of Rock and Roll’s greatest drummers.

Carl has been a critic’s favorite since the 1970’s with being repeatedly named “Best Drummer” by numerous magazines, including being declared one of the “Top Ten Drummers of All Time” by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2009 and inducted into Modern Drummer Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 1989. Carl was also honoured with the “Lifetime Achievement” Award by PASIC in 1995.

Coming off a successful 2021 tour, Carl is set to hit the road again in 2022 to continue celebrating Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s 50th Anniversary with his group, Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy.