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Summer shows can be hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Vater have thought about that and come up with a few suggestions for some inexpensive products that will make those shows a bit more comfortable for you and help keep you on top of your game.

Nude Series Drumsticks


These unfinished sticks leave a comfortable sanded grip that is perfect to prevent drumsticks from slipping from sweaty hands during a performance. Available in 5A, 5B, Power 5B, 1A, Fusion™ , Universal and 3A.

See Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains talk about the Vater Nude Series HERE.

Tacky Sack Grip Enhancer



A grip enhancing rosin powder that absorbs moisture and provides added control of your drumsticks while performing in humid and sweaty conditions.

“Once again, Vater knows just what I need, even before I do. Especially in intense, sweaty environments, Tacky Sack allows me to lose myself in the vibe of a song without worrying if I’m going to send a stick flying from my palms. My grip relaxes, and I’m better able to avoid carpal tunnel-like problems. Tacky Sack lets me thrash with complete control.” – Jay Weinberg [Slipknot]

The Vater Tacky Sack is exactly the kind of product I’ve been looking for to help keep my hands dry at humid outdoor shows. The powder keeps my hands dry without affecting the feel of the sticks. I don’t even notice it’s there.” – Gil Sharone [Marilyn Manson]

See a demo video of the Vater Tacky Sack HERE.

Grip Tape


Linen based Grip Tape, available in Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White and Yellow and is re-usable. Each package contains 4 grips to wrap 2 pairs of sticks. Each grip contains 2 end tapes for extra security on the stick.

See Abe Cunningham of Deftones talk about the Vater Grip Tape HERE.

Stick & Finger Tape


Self-cohesive thin gauze / mesh style tape helps improve grip and prevent hand fatigue, while still allowing a sense of “feel”.1 inch wide by 30 feet in length. One roll will wrap approximately 5 pairs of sticks. Can also be used to wrap just your fingers for added protection while playing drums as well as hand percussion.

Available in Red, White, Blue, Black and Green.

Drink Holder


Keep those drinks off the stage so they don’t get accidentally spilled and within easy reach. Securely clamps onto any drum hardware stand, microphone stand, etc..

Cajón Brush
A brush/stick element for use on Cajón drums, world drumming instruments and also on drumset.
Grip: 1.210″ – 3.07cm    Length: 14″ – 35.56cmSee Jen Lowe demo the Vater Cajón Brush HERE.
SplashStick Lite
Same design as the Splashstick but with smaller diameter dowels for lighter weight, volume and a smaller grip size.
Grip: 510″ – 1.30cm     Length: 16″ – 40.64cmSee Mike Levesque demo the Vater SplashStick Lite HERE.
Little Monster Brush


Smaller version of the popular Monster Brush. The same features as with the bigger sister product, but with lower volume.

See Mike Levesque demo the Vater Little Monster Brush HERE.

You can check out the full Vater product range in their 2018 Catalog.