> > > Tomek Torres (Afromental) live for BeatIt

Tomek Torres of the Polish pop sensation Afromental performing “It’s My Life” at the BeatIt studio

Tomek Torres dla Beatit Afromental1

We have already been asked whether we are just another website, which focuses solely on extreme metal “kit killers”. Nothing of the kind! We are going to feature pop, jazz, latino, hip hop and much, much more. May Tomek Torres be the first instance of that as his playing combines at least three of the genres mentioned above. He has not come to our studio only to take part in a drum battle. Watch and listen how the man plays a nice mid-tempo groove, consistently maintaining it for over five minutes, when performing a song from one of his band’s repertoire. This is “It’s My Life” by Afromental exclusively for BeatIt. Ladies and gentlemen, Tomek Torres!!!