> > Tomasz Goehs Interview, Pt. 6

Tomasz Goehs (Kult, KNŻ) exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 6/8

Currently, Polish rock fans know Tomasz Goehs from such musical institutions as Kult and KNŻ. Naturally, his C.V. is much more extensive and includes tours and studio sessions with Turbo, Wolf Spider, Creation Of Death, Kr’shna Brothers, Arka Noego or 2Tm2,3.


In this episode, our guest talks about whether he is generally satisfied with his drum parts or if he wants to change everything when listening to his recordings after some time. We also discuss his infamous black list of drummers and who could be on it, how much time he takes to practise these days, which Polish drummer makes him feel ashamed and whether he can feel pressure coming from young cats. The man also shares his feelings on Lars Ulrich, Terry Bozzio and Carl Palmer.

Here is Tomasz Goehs, exclusively for BeatIt…