> > > Tomasz Goehs Interview, Pt. 5

Tomasz Goehs (Kult, KNŻ) exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 5/8

Currently, Polish rock fans know Tomasz Goehs from such musical institutions as Kult and KNŻ. Naturally, his C.V. is much more extensive and includes tours and studio sessions with Turbo, Wolf Spider, Creation Of Death, Kr’shna Brothers, Arka Noego or 2Tm2,3.


The heads our guest uses, the preferred snare and tom tuning, thoughts on the problem of drum tuning as such, a look back on the man’s “heavy metal childhood” (a quote from Tomasz himself), the evolution of his approach to playing the drums and subsequent kit reduction, including the cymbals. Those are the topics discussed in this part of our conversation.

Here is Tomasz Goehs, exclusively for BeatIt…