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Tomasz Goehs w/ KNŻ Live

We had a meeting with Tomasz Goehs on Aug 4 2012, during the Poznań show of the Męskie Granie festival, where the man performed with the Polish 90’s rap/core legends KNŻ. As the formula of the event involves many artists, the band’s live set had to be shorter than usual, i.e. about an hour. Naturally, they concentrated on the most important tunes from their past (such as ‘Artyści‘, ‘Tata dilera‘ or  ‘Legenda ludowa‘), including only two tunes off the new album titled ‘Plamy na słońcu/Bar La Curva‘ (‘Plamy na słońcu‘ and ‘Polska jest ważna‘).

tomasz goehs

Tomasz Goehs plays Gretsch drums and during this show he used a Gretsch USA Custom kit made available to him by the Wudys Backline company. See and hear for yourselves how the man performed his duties that night. Here are the songs ‘Legenda ludowa‘ and ‘Tata dilera‘.