> > > Thomas Lang Interview, Pt. 4/5

Thomas Lang exclusively for BeatIt, cz. 4

In part four of our conversation with Thomas Lang, the outstanding drummer talks to BeatIt about stagefright, ways of preparing for live performances (we wish to warn you in advance that the solution is rather original in its simplicity), as wel as the gear which the man uses and abuses on a daily basis, i.e. drums, cymbals, heads, electronics, microphones and cables.

A separate and highly interesting issue is the Thomas Lang Signature Stick from Vic Firth, which our guest describes in detail, including the basic premises which originated this very model. Towards the end, we find out how the drum virtuoso approaches the configuration of his kit depending on a given musical context.


Here is Thomas Lang in the fourth (although not final) part of his interview for BeatIt. You can trust us, he WILL be back!

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