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Thomas Lang exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 3

In the third part of the interview which Thomas Lang gave BeatIt during the Polish edition of his Drumming Boot Camp, which was held in Warsaw, we talk to the man about the way he perceives his old recordings and whether he would like to change everything on there or if he is still satisfied with them. We also discuss the changes that have happened in the music industry over the recent years and their impact on a musician’s profession, i.e. social network sites, selling files online, reducing the costs of recording sessions or home recording software.


Our guest shares his views on the career options one may choose when starting a drummer’s life or picking a profession connected with the drums in some way, as well as the problem of having to master numerous skills which have nothing to do with actually playing the instrument if one wants to be successful in this business. Towards the end, our man gives a handful of thoughts on the features of character necessary or at least helpful to a professional drummer.

We give you Thomas Lang in another part of an exclusive interview for BeatIt. Enjoy!

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