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Thomas Lang exclusively for BeatIt, pt. 1

On Sunday, October 6 2013, the entire BeatIt team appeared at Hear Studio in Warsaw, Poland, to film the last day of the drumming workshop known internationally as Thomas Lang’s Drumming Boot Camp and conducted by…Thomas Lang himself (what a surprise!). Naturally, we also interviewed the man responsible for causing this stir. As Thomas is a very open and communicative person, the conversation turned out to be sheer pleasure and did not become just a collection of standard and superficial answers, which you are just about to see.


In the first episode, we go all the way back to our guest’s very roots as he gives us a detailed description of his first contact with a drum kit as a viewer and listener at the age of four. We also talk about the method of obtaining material for a drum stick substitute to bash around the house with, snare lessons and musical inspirations when Thomas was growing up, i.e. in the 1970’s. The last topic discussed by our guest is the arduous and PERENNIAL process of putting a drum kit together element by element and its positive influence on a young learner’s development.

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you Thomas Lang for the first time!

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