> > > Thomas Fietz presents his drum kit

On Nov 15, 2019, the Tama club in Poznań, Poland (a very apt name, as it is going to turn out very soon) saw a performance by a Polish rising star, Błażej Król and his band. The incresing popularity of the artist recording and performing under the name Król was confirmed by an excellent turn-up. Sadly, a drum cam turned out an impossibility this time round, but we did have a chat with the band’s drummer, Germany’s very own Thomas Fietz, about his gear…

My drum kit is a Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga. The bass drum is 20” x 14”, 12” x 7”, 16” x 14” and a 14” x 6” Tama Starphonic Brass snare. I also played the aluminium version but I seem to choose the brass version more often. It’s really fat and I really like that sound.

The cymbals are Istanbul Agop Traditionals 16”, 20” and 22”. I’m really in love with them. They work really great in the studio, on a big stage, on a small stage. I joined Istanbul Agop a year ago, I’m still going through different series because they have something in every line. They work really, really great.

I also use 2BOX electronics. In my opinion, it’s the best electronic system. I tried different brands but this one has a very good interface, works very easy and the system is very reliable. I’ve used it for 4 years already and have never had a problem. No double triggering, no latency. Really good.

I use Aquarian Response 2 heads on the toms, Aquarian Superkick I on the bass drum and Aquarian Texture Coated with a reverse dot on the snare, which is my go-to snare head. It works really well, it’s super durable. These heads last forever and it’s great.

Vic Firth are my go-to sticks. Most of the time, Buddy Rich model. And then, mallets, brushes, the whole thing.

I would also like to mention LimeEars in-ears. They’re also great and great people, too. They’re located in Warsaw and the workshop is great. Always super helpful if something’s broken or needs to be fixed.

Tama hardware, of course. Super reliable. I really love the Iron Cobra pedals. I’ve had this one for 5 years and I’m not always good to it. This one flies into the bag but it keeps holding on.