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When one creates and then works at a place where “absolutely everybody is obsessed with drums” (which all of us at en.beatit.tv certainly are), it is impossible to indifferently walk by a parcel containing Yamaha instruments, especially knowing it’s a new Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit (see our test HERE) and a brass snare drum from the same series. Having unpacked the box, it is high time we share our impressions from trying out that snare.

To hit on the drum, we invited Daniel Karpiński – a great drummer (known to Polish music lovers from such bands as Snowman, MIKROBI.T oraz Armia), an official Istanbul Agop endorser, and owner of the Poznań-based Avant Drum Shop. As a man who deals with a great deal of drum kits on a daily basis, both as a musician and a businessman, Danny was perfect for the role of a ‘lab tester’.

Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare en.beatit.tv

Yamaha Recording Custom 13″ x 6.5″ Brass Snare

1. The test

The test was carried out in our own recording facility. To accompany the Yamaha Recording Custom 13″ x 6.5″ brass snare, we used a drum kit comprised of a rack tom, a floor tom, and a kick drum, which were fitted with Remo heads (Remo Ambassador on the toms and snare, Remo P3 Smooth White and P3 Coated on the bass drum). Daniel Karpiński played the following cymbals: a 21″ Istanbul Agop Signtaure Ride, a 14″ Istanbul Agop Xist ION Hi-hat, and an 8″ Istanbul Agop Turk Splash + a 12″ Istanbul Agop Trash Hit stack.

During the test, Daniel performed a tremolo and a groove for each of the tunings we used, i. e. high, medium and low.

2. Basic specification of the snare drum tested here:

  • Producer: Yamaha
  • Model: Recording Custom
  • Character: Vibrant, resonant, warm
  • Size: 13″x6.5″
  • Shell: 1.2 mm brass
  • Center bead: Outward
  • Hoops: 2.3 mm Dyna Hoop
  • Heads: Aquarian (on video), Remo Coated Ambassador, Remo US Clear Ambassador (on photos)
  • Wire strands: 20
  • Strainer: Q (release side) / DC3 (butt side)
  • Snare bed size: 2.4 mm
  • Lugs: Newly designed, one-piece
  • Bearing edge angle: 45°

Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare test en.beatit.tv

3. Product and sound

The Recording Custom is almost an independent brand in itself, a studio icon – simply legendary drums. Snares from this series have also become a standard in the recording industry, just as the famous Yamaha Brass. In the recent months, the company have released a brass RC snare drum family. They were designed in collaboration with Steve Gadd – one of the most renowned drummers on the globe today and a long-time Yamaha endorser and fan.

Let us start with the technicalities. The instrument is magnificently crafted (the way Yamaha have over the years) and there is absolutely no way something could have been blown off. Most of its features have been made exactly the way Steve Gadd wanted them to be. The Q Type strainer works flawlessly and smoothly, there’s 20 wire strands. One of the new features is an outward center bead on the shell (just like on a Ludwig Supraphonic), which is supposed to result in a more open, more articulated sound, and clear attack. One-piece lugs are designed especially with these snare drums in mind. The bearing edges have been given a 45° angle.

As far as the sonic qualities go, we have to say it is really open (we don’t know if it’s the outward center bead or not, but it IS a fact). The attack has a great deal of clarity. These two qualities characterize this snare drum in all tuning ranges. Its loud and nice-sounding cross stick sound must also be considered a major advantage. The sound characteristic can be described as relatively deep, warm, not as focused as one might think judging by the diameter, very musical and light in comparison to older Yamaha Brass snares. High tuning gives a lot of resonance (which is also a feature displayed by the RC kit shown).

Brass Yamaha Recording Custom snares are available in three sizes: 13″x6.5″ (RRS1365, exactly one one tested here), 14″x6.5″ (RRS1465), and 14″x5.5″ (RRS1455).

Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare en.beatit.tv

Full specs can be found under this link: https://pl.yamaha.com/pl/products/musical_instruments/drums/ac_drums/snare_drums/recording_custom_brass_snare_drums/specs.html#product-tabs

Producer: https://www.yamaha.com/en/products_services/

Distribution in Poland: https://pl.yamaha.com/index.html



  • Magnificently crafted
  • Beautiful cross tick sound
  • Stylistic versatility
  • Warm, clear sound
  • Excellent look
  • Yamaha Q strainer


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to put the new Yamaha Recording Custom brasssnare drum to the most important test of all, i. e. the en.beatit.tv viewers’ test! Exclusively for you, we give you Daniel Karpiński!