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An event called Tama Meinl News Meeting (formerlyTama Meinl Dealer Meeting) was held on Jan 15, 2019, in Łódź, Poland. Its objective was to present all the new products from TAMA and Meinl for this year. Although it was a closed event, strictly for dealers and press members, we think taking a few minutes to get acquainted with our video report could be worth your while because it will provide you with a picture of what’s coming from in the next few months. There’s a lot of it, believe us…

As far as Meinl cymbals are concerned, the product range is being expanded with the Byzance Foundry Reserve series, which can be placed slightly higher than the Byzance cymbal family. Each individual cymbal comes with laser-engraved weight info, and is packed inside a box, which also includes a pair of Meinl gloves, sticks, a letter of congratulations signed by Mr. Reinhold Meinl as well as a certificate including the model name, serial number and cymbal weight.

The Classic Custom Dark series will be enlarged with trash crashes, chinas and stack cymbals.

Another new product, marking the 25th anniversary of the Starclassic series is the Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch kit (see: HERE), which features shallower bass drums (14″ and 16″).

photo: beatit.tv

A very interesting new drum kit from Tama is the S.L.P. Big Black Steel, which is a variation on the snare drum of the same type. The limited shell set comprises a 13″ rack tom, a 16″ floor tom and a 22″ kick drum.

This year will also see the premiere of a new version of the Tama Club-Jam cocktail kit: the Tama Club-Jam Mini. It features a kick drum and a snare, but can be expanded by adding a rack tom and a floor tom (tom holder included).

As far as snare drums go, we are going to be introduced to quite a number of those: a copper Starphonic, a new version of the G-Maple, a new Metalworks called Black On Black Steel, a limited Woodworks made from poplar, as well as the re-release of the Abe Cunningham (Deftones) signature snare, of which there are only going to be made 70 pieces.

As for percussion instruments, Meinl are expanding all their product groups, although there is a visible emphasis put on cajons, which have proved a huge success for the company. Hence new products such as: the Subwoofer Cajon, the Cajon Preamp, the Conversion Kit (a set of percussion instruments to accompany a cajon one has already purchased), the cajon twin pedal and many more.

During the presentation, also discussed were: new, exotic finishes for the Tama Superstar Classic kit, a wooden hoop and shallow kick drums (16″) for the Tama Imperialstar kit, new, exotic finishes for the Tama Star kit, but also accessories including the Kinetic Drum Key, the Stick Wrap, and the Multi Tool featuring a bottle opener. It must be noted that Meinl are introducing about a hundred (!) new percussion products, which means they simply need to be looked up in the catalogue and checked out in your local drum stores.

Follow beatit.tv to find more detailed descriptions and video tests of these new products in the coming months. Also, stop by at drum stores to check these instruments out in person. They’re worth your while!

Drummers and Drummerettes! For your viewing pleasure: Tama Meinl Dealer Meeting 2019!