> > > Steve Smith on #InstaLessonZ LIVE

In this difficult time of the COVID-19 outbreak, drummers and drum companies are trying to come up with some interesting drumming-related content for sticksmen in self-isolation at home. Artists offer free drum lessons online, while companies have been preparing interviews, discussion panels and drum workshops, very often streamed live.

Zildjian are no exception. The company invite all those interested to a masterclass featuring the drumming giant, Steve Smith. The exclusive #InstaLessonZ LIVE online event will be held with the help of the company’s new educational platform called the Zildjian Learning Zone.

On of the greatest drummers today will be teaching seven practice techniques and putting them into action, i. e. showcasing these techniques in various solos on his snare and drum kit. We highly recommend the event on behalf of the organizers, artists as well as our own.

WHAT: #InstaLessonZ LIVE with Steve Smith

WHEN: Tuesday, May 12th at 3pm (ET) / 10pm CEST

WHERE: https://zildjian.com/education, #InstaLessonZ LIVE

WHO:  Steve Smith

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