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Bartek “Shopix” Czarniachowski’s rehearsal space

Hereby, we kick off BeatIt’s column, where we present Polish drummers’ rehearsal rooms. Some drummers have really been lucky as far as accommodation is concerned. This here is almost like MTV Cribs! See for yourselves. This is the place where all the magic happens and drum parts to Kasia Wilk, Anna Nova or Mezo’s songs are arranged. As you can see, the place is colourful and roomy. Bartek Czerniachowski’s rehearsal space is equipped with four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Believe it or not, but here is a roof, too. The man loves the luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous so having a door fitted didn’t slip his mind either. The window had already been there (rich people have it made). In summer, the temperature is similar to that outside. In winter, in turn, the temperature is very close to that on the other side of the window. Very environmentally friendly, don’t you think? Three kits (including two by Drum Craft, which he endorses), a low rider, a number of snares, the nationally famous cabinet so there’s a lot of bling-bling. The only two things he does not show are: a side-by-side refrigerator with an ice maker and a swimming pool. This proves that he wants to stay gounded…

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