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Drum teachers of the world unite!

Sabian i not only the maker of great cymbals. They always think big, and so they did this time. Their brand new website for drum teachers around the world is now online! This place will connect global educators, and let the information about teaching methods flow through the Internet. People will be able to share their experiences there, and learn many new and useful skills.

Sabian Education Network

Becoming an exclusive member will help you:

  • Get more students ‐ and keep them longer
  • Bring the latest technology into your studio
  • Increase your profitability
  • Deal with unique situations such as special-needs students
  • Get new ideas for curriculum and share teaching methods

This website is all for you! You can talk with drum educators from all around the world. There will be webinars, on-line transmissions, workshops and meetings with the best teachers from Sabian family. We are pretty shure, that you will find all the answers even for the most difficult questions.

Here is what Dom Famularo, one of the best educators around, has to say about SEN:

“I believe if the teacher is a constant student, education seeks the highest level!
SEN connects me with teachers globally so I can learn and continue to heighten my skills!”

We highly recommend joining this community. It will do only good things to your professional career as a drum teacher. Check out their website, the link is right below!