> > > Robert Ligiewicz Interview, pt. 8

Robert Ligiewicz exclusively for BeatIt, pt. 8

In the final part of our encounter, Robert Ligiewicz tells BeatIt about his feelings connected with playing behind a drum screen, as well as the necessity to chew a gum when playing and where it comes from. We also discuss what our guest likes to hear in his monitor, what his approach to playing with a metronome is, what his experiences with click machines are, what kind of sticks he uses, how often he changes stick manufacturers, and what he thinks of putting tape around “clubs” before going on stage.

Further on, Robert ponders on the question whether his handyman’s hobby translates into fiddling with the drums and creating custom solutions. The man also reveals the best and worst moments in his long-standing career, and serves us a beautiful and shrewd metaphore concerning being in a band. What is that metaphore? See for yourselves! Here is Robert Ligiewicz one last time. Enjoy!

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