> > > Robert Ligiewicz Interview, pt. 7

Robert Ligiewicz exclusively for BeatIt, pt. 7

In this part of our meeting with Robert Ligiewicz, the man at the heartbeat of indie/rock legends Hey tells BeatIt all about the snare drums he has in his collection, explains why he prefers shallow ones, what type of snares he likes to put on them, how often he changes his heads, the kind of skins he uses on his bass drum and toms, what cymbals he currently plays, how many constitute his collection, what his theory regarding drummers is (both lovers of vintage and brand new gear), what criteria he uses when selecting cymbals, and finally, how many cymbals he likes to have during a recording session.

At the end of this episode, our guest discloses his trick which allows him to cope with a certain disadvantage connected with playing a Paiste Line Thin China. Perhaps some of you will be able to apply this to your models, should the problem occur. We give you Robert Ligiewicz of Hey. Enjoy!

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