> > > Piotr Szkudelski Interview, Pt. 7

Piotr Szkudelski (Perfect) exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 7/8

On June 30 2013, the BeatIt team imposed ourselves on Polish rock legends Perfect in connection with their live gig in Swarzędz, Poland. Jumping at the opportunity, we asked the band’s drummer to say a few words to our viewers.

piotr szkudelski perfectIn this episode, Piotr Szkudelski discusses the gear hear he currently uses in great detail. You can find out exactly which sizes his drums and snares are and what they are built from, what kind of heads end up on them, which cymbals make all kinds of noises at his band’s shows and on the forthcoming album, as well as what kind of hardware complements the setup. We also ask the man about his drum tuning method, the switch from Paiste to Zildjian and the rule he likes to follow when replacing a damaged cymbal.

We give you Piotr Szkudelski