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Piotr Szkudelski (Perfect) exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 4/8

On June 30 2013, the BeatIt team imposed ourselves on Polish rock legends Perfect in connection with their live gig in Swarzędz, Poland. Jumping at the opportunity, we asked the band’s drummer to say a few words to our viewers.

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In this part of our conversation, Piotr Szkudelski – the drummer with the band – talks about how the material for their legendary debut album was recorded, the daily rehearsing routine before they went into the studio in 1980, the first unit similar to a click machine that our man used when recording the follow-up album “UNU” a year later, Piotr’s approach to modern studio technology and the possibilities it offers, methods of recording used by Perfect nowadays, as well as how a drummer was forced to cope with equipment failure in the early 1980’s when there was absolutely nothing available in communist state-owned music stores.

Here is Piotr Szkudelski one more time, revealing a big chunk of Polish rock history…

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