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Piotr Szkudelski (Perfect) exclusively for BeatIt, cz. 3/8

On June 30 2013, the BeatIt team imposed ourselves on Polish rock legends Perfect in connection with their live gig in Swarzędz, Poland. Jumping at the opportunity, we asked the band’s drummer to say a few words to our viewers. In this part of our conversation, Piotr Szkudelski answers our questions about his first recording session, the drum kit he had assembled by the time Perfect started playing (it wasn’t an easy task in a communist Poland in the late 1970’s), the heads he was using at the time, as well as miking, dampening and tuning techniques.

szkudelski piotr

Our guest also remembers the earliest incarnation of Perfect, i.e. the band Dzikie Dziecko (Savage Child), and the drumstick provider for all the drummers in Warsaw in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Can you imagine an illegal drumstick outlet (it was impossible to buy sticks officially in the entire city)? You can’t? Well, listen to the man.

Here is Piotr Szkudelski revealing a big chunk of Polish rock history…

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