> > > Pearl Drums is celebrating its 75th anniversary!

This year, Pearl is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a bang. On this occasion, company has prepared a lot of interesting new products. As a short introduction, however, it is worth mentioning how from such humble beginnings this Japanese company has become a dominant leader in the production of musical instruments, owning dozens of patents around the world.

Following World War II, Japan was in a national period of reconstruction. It was during this time a new company was born. On April 2, 1946, Katsumi Yanagisawa founded Pearl in a small backyard workshop in Sumida-Ku Tokyo. Today, the headquarters of this leading drum company are 50 kilometers away in Chiba, Japan.

The first products manufactured by Pearl were music stands made for the local Japanese market. As his reputation for quality craftmanship grew, Katsumi was urged to begin building drums. By 1953, the company made drum sets, marching and concert drums, timpani, cymbals, and Latin percussion instruments. In 1966, Pearl introduced the “President” drum series, the first professional drum kit to bear the company’s logo. Since then, the name Pearl has become synonymous with the highest quality.

Today, to celebrate the importance, craftsmanship and quality of the brand, the President series triumphantly returns in a strictly limited edition in two versions – President series Phenolic and President series Deluxe. Both sets call back to the company’s origins, while continuing the trend for re-releases of now vintage instruments.

Another interesting addition, referring to the past are Duoluxe snare drums inspired by the famous Jupiter model, available in sizes 14×5 “and 14×6.5”. Both instruments are made of chrome over brass shell and have characteristic inlays in the Nicotine White Marine Pearl veneer.

Continuing the theme of snare drums, Pearl also presented a new, Matt Halpern (Periphery) signature snare drum. This 14×6″ instrument is made of 1.5 mm thick brass that is fully finished (including all hardware) in black powder-coating. The snare drum also has Die-Cast hoops, three air vents and an Evans Heavyweight Dry drumhead.

The expanded collection of snare drums has also been joined by very intriguing instruments from the new StaveCraft series, which are made of a stave construction. The shells of these snare drums are not a trifle – 25mm thick, which consist of the mentioned solid staves, which are additionally connected with wooden joints that support their strength. Both snare drums are available in two sizes (14×5 “and 14×6.5”) and in two exotic varieties of wood – Makha and Thai Oak. The instruments are equipped with cast rims and Remo CS Dot Clear drumheads to display their beautiful construction.

A lot of new products in the Pearl offer also appeared in the hardware section. Among them, we can find a special stand for deep snare drums or toms, cymbal arms mounted directly to the bass drum, as well as stands with specially curved cymbal arms, which are not only practical, but also visually attractive.

These new products and many more can be found on the official Pearl website at: https://pearldrum.com/eu/new-products