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Paiste expand their product range

2014 Paiste celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Signature Bronze. The proprietary alloy launched the success of the Signature series, and created numerous fans amongst drummers of different musical styles thanks to its rich sound. To kick off the anniversary, the Signature ?Precision? series, released in 2013, will be enhanced by heavy models for Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Paiste Signature

In collaboration with Alex Gonzalez, since 1987 drummer of Mexico?s most successful rock band Maná, Paiste added new exciting sounds to the RUDE series with the Basher, Shred Bell and Blast China models.

Paiste RUDE

Masters started out with twelve Rides that are amongst the most exquisite cymbals of the Paiste assortment. Now three crashes and two hats join the series to expand the unique Masters sound atmosphere to additional cymbal types. The new models were designed in collaboration with the notable jazz drummers Gregory Hutchinson and André Ceccarelli, and reflect their concept of traditional sound with modern quality standard. With the introduction of the new models, the series is re-christened simply as Masters.

Paiste Masters