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Zildjian‘s limited edition Fall 2022 Concept Shop cymbals are already available!

Zildjian 20″ FX Lunar Crash
Designed in collaboration with Stanton Moore, the cymbal is supposed to sit in the sweet spot between a crash and a ride. It features seven hammered craters to allow for a warm crash sound and funky ride characteristics. Three asymmetrical rivets add a long, shimmering sustain, complemented by a natural finish underneath for extra control and dark undertones.
Basic specs:
  • Size: 20″
  • Brightness: Medium
  • Dryness: Medium to high
  • Definition: Medium to low
  • Sustain: Rather long

Hear the cymbal in action HERE

Zildjian 21” Articulation Ride
It is a visually unique and sonically versatile concept designed in collaboration with Aaron Spears for clear stick definition without losing the crash. Layered hammering patterns add a dark, rich sound, and the lathed outer edge creates a striking dual-finish.
Basic specs:
  • Size: 21″
  • Brightness: Medium to low
  • Dryness: High
  • Definition: High
  • Sustain: Medium
Hear the cymbal in action HERE
Stanton Moore has written on his FB account:
I’ve been getting A LOT of questions online and in person about this trashy crash. I’m so excited to let everyone know that it is NOW AVAILABLE through the Zildjian Company Concept Shop on Zildjian.com. A very limited amount is being produced… If you’ve been thinking about picking up one of these amazing sounding riveted cymbals that you can crash and ride on in a trashy manner… Now’s the time!!! I look forward to hearing y’all’s feedback!
Aaron Spears has also announced this on his FB account:
Have you all seen this??? Zildjian’s Articulation Ride is available in the Concept Shop […] This ride cymbal has the versatility to be played across so many genres and styles…The numbers are limited and they are going fast…Hit the Concept Shop on the Zildjian website NOW and add this beautiful ride to your cart before they are all gone…