> > > New Tama drum kit finishes in 2023

The arrival of each new year is always connected with enriched drum company product catalogs. Obviously, this also refers to Tama Drums.

We have already informed about the new limited product line for 2023 and the Kenny Aronoff 40th Anniversary snare drum. Now, let’s take a closer look at new drum kit finishes.

Tama Star Bubinga Pewter Blue Australian Acacia

Tama Star Walnut Antique White Japanese Chestnut

Tama Starclassic Maple Turquoise Pearl and Tama Starclassic Walnut / Birch Turquoise Pearl

Tama Starclassic Maple Red Oyster

Tama Superstar Classic Ice Ash Wrap

Tama Superstar Classic Natural Ebony Tiger Wrap

Tama Imperialstar Electric Yellow

Tama Imperialstar Blacked Out Black w/ Black Nickel Hardware

Tama Club-JAM Candy Apple Mist

Tama Club-JAM Mini Kit Candy Apple Mist

Tama Club-JAM Pancake Burnt Red Mist

In addition, Tama have introduced new finishes for their 20″ x 14″ gong drum called the Gong Bass:

  • Exotic Finishes

VTBV                                             LRWB                                           LEWB                                           LNWB

VTBV – Tobacco Sunburst Movingui
LRWB – Ruby Pacific Walnut Burst
LEWB – Emerald Pacific Walnut Burst
LNWB – Natural Pacific Walnut Burst

VGLM – Gloss Natural Movingui

  • Lacquer Finishes

DPP                                               BCS                                                SAM                                              DMB

DPP – Deeper Purple
BCS – Black Clouds & Silver Linings
SAM – Satin Aztec Gold Metallic
DMB – Dark Mocha Burst

FBK                                               FBM                                                MEB                                              MBB

FBK – Flat Black
FBM – Flat Burgundy Metallic
MEB – Molten Electric Blue Burst
MBB – Molten Satin Brown Burst

VAM                                               SSR                                                PWH                                              PBK

VAM – Vintage Antique Maple
SSR – Silver Snow Racing Stripe
PWH – Piano White
PBK – Piano Black

  • Duracover Wrap Finishes

BWO                                              CCL                                                 SLW                                             SGS

BWO – Blue and White Oyster
CCL – Charcoal Swirl
SLW – Sky Blue Swirl
SGS – Surf Green Silk

SWP                                              TQP                                                 ROY

SWP – Snow White Pearl
TQP – Turquoise Pearl
ROY – Red Oyster