> > > New: Carter McLean signature drumsticks by Promark

Carter McLean is an acclaimed musician who has gained wide recognition through social media platforms, but is also known as a full-time drummer on Broadway and as a regular collaborator with Charlie Hunter. Some time ago, Promark released a prototype drumstick bearing the drummer’s signature. Currently, the long-awaited model is in flow production, which means it is available in the market.

McLean’s statement reads:

The time has come my friends! Thank you all for being so patient. Absolutely thrilled how this stick turned out. This design covers A LOT of ground. (…) The only way to tell if you love them is to try a pair out. I haven’t used any other sticks since these were designed.” – states Carter on his official Instagram account.

The custom tip shape that was developed with Carter provides a range of sonic possibilities on any playing surface, depending on the angle of attack. With a diameter between 5A and 5B and its slightly increased length, this is one of the most unique yet versatile sticks in the Promark portfolio as company declares.

To learn more about this unique model, please visit: https://www.daddario.com/products/percussion/promark/promark-drum-set/hickory/carter-mclean-signature-hickory-wood-tip/

We also recommend checking out the official Carter McLean website: https://cartermclean.com/