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Roland launches new products

As of the 15th of January 2014, Roland launches a wide range of new products. As a drummers’ website, we will concentrate solely on those of direct interest to us.

Roland NE-10 and NE-1 Noise Eater, two unique new sound isolation devices designed for use with kick pads/pedals and hi-hat pedals in a V-Drums set. Affordable and easy to use, Noise Eater products provide highly effective acoustic sound isolation for V-Drums when they’re played on upper floors of multi-level structures, including houses, apartments, condos, offices, lesson studios, and more.

ne-10_angle_gal ne-1_front_gal

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module, a new electronic percussion module with high-quality onboard sounds, user sound expansion via SCHD cards, and two trigger inputs for a variety of Roland pads and drum triggers. Battery powered and compact, the TM-2 provides a simple, affordable solution for drummers that want to create a hybrid kit that brings acoustic and electronic elements together.


The Roland KT-10, an all-new kick trigger pedal for V-Drums sound modules and other electronic percussion instruments. With its innovative, all-in-one design, the KT-10 delivers professional performance with a compact footprint and ultra-low profile, making it ideal for use in hybrid acoustic/electronic drum kits and other applications where space is tight. The KT-10 also provides extremely quiet operation, a great benefit for musicians that use V- Drums at home.