> > > New presets for Gewa Digital Drums

A few days ago, GEWA made ten new drum kit presets available. The company describe them as ‘very good-sounding’. They can be downloaded into all the three GEWA electronic modules: G3, G5 and G9.

Let’s give the floor to the manufacturer: “The very fact that such a possibility exists is already a completely new thing in the world of electronic drums as previously additional drum kit presets were dedicated to a specific model.”
Here is a link to download or listen to the new preset audio files: Gewamusic – Service (gewadrums.com)
More free packets are planned for all Gewa Digital Drums users!
Official GEWA Digital Drums website: https://gewadrums.com/
Below, you can view a video showcasing the new drum kit presets as presented by Dave Anania: