> > > New Oyster Pearl finish from Ludwig
Ludwig have introduced their latest drum wrap in the legendary Oyster Pearl vein.
The company have named it the Lemon Oyster, an we must admit that (judging by the photos and promo video available) it does look more than just nice. The producer describes this finish idea in the following way:
An eye-catching new look to level up your drum style. Lemon Oyster captures the vintage Oyster Pearl aesthetic in an exclusive colorway that radiates the freshest vibes.”
It should be noted that this new/old finish pays tribute to a cult classic, Lemon Strata, which was a part of Ludwig’s Standard Series drums between 1968 and 1976. The Lemon Oyster finish will be available on Ludwig Classic or Legacy Series drum kits.
You can watch a short promo video under the link below: