> > > New Members of the Meinl HCS and Byzance families

Meinl Cymbals have just expanded their entry HCS line of cymbals by including three new models. Following the trend of drummers playing larger cymbals on their drum kits, the company are adding a pair of 15” hi hats and a 22” ride. The 15” hi hats will expand the current lineup which also includes 13” and 14” hats. This new size is meant to give drummers an option for a warmer, lower pitched hi hat sound at a low cost. Likewise, the 22” ride gives drummers a new choice in addition to the 20” ride. A brand new cymbal Meinl have created to expand the HCS line is the 18” Big Bell Ride featuring an extreme sized bell.

15″ HCS Hats


18″ HCS Big Bell Ride


22″ HCS Ride


The company have also introduced the new 15″ Meinl Byzance Big Apple Dark hi hats. Like the Big Apple rides, this hi hat pair features a smaller bell plus thinner top and bottom cymbals than the other Byzance Dark hats. Its fully unlathed surface is supposed to help it produce a warm, smooth tone balanced with dark articulation. The producer advertises these hi hats as “versatile but perfect for deep grooves, music with dynamic movement, and subtle work in the studio“. The new 15” Byzance Big Apple Dark hihats are available on the market as of last Tuesday.

15″ Byzance Big Apple Hats