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Meinl Stick & Brush are constantly working on enhancing their product portfolio but they have not been neglecting their artist roster either. The company has recently added three new players to their family of artists.

Benjamín Bent Árnason from Iceland. Benni plays drums in the metalcore band Une Misère and uses the Standard 5A model. Along with Une Misère, Benjamín performs with various artists live and in the studio.

Photo: Benjamín Bent Árnason

Benjamín’s artist profile: HERE.
James Lazenby plays with Alternative Metal Band Caskets from Leeds, UK and can be found touring and playing festivals all over! Their debut album ‘Lost Souls‘ is available now.

Photo: Charlie Bluck

James plays Heavy 5a sticks and has this to say about them: “As soon as I tried out Meinl’s Heavy 5a sticks, I instantly fell in love with them! I felt safe in the knowledge that I was able to have a heavier stick that, to me, felt not too different to other 5a models I have tried in the past. The extra weight gives me so much more control without sacrificing manoeuvrability for the durability offered by a thinner, lighter stick.”
James’s artist profile: HERE.
Thomas Gieferl from Austria. Thomas is not only the drummer with bands like Avec, Onk Lou and Sakura but also a studio drummer for various artists and producers. His preferred drumstick model is the Hybrid 8A American Hickory.

Photo: Martin Morscher

Thomas’s artist profile: HERE.