> > > New for 2021: WTS Drums

WTS Drums was founded in 2015 by three musicians. The team spent 3 years designing and building the Welch Tuning System (WTS) and the WTS Artistry Series drums. The company currently holds 5 US patents (US and international patents pending) for this new drum tuning technology.

This system is divided into a set of pulleys and cables made of stainless steel, which tunes both drum heads with one handle that resembles a guitar key. By turning Welch Tuning System (WTS) dials, the drum is tuned as a whole, producing a clean, even and resonant sound.

All the pulleys responsible for the even tensioning of the heads, are mounted on the drum hoops, which in practice means less hardware contacting the drum shell and, as the company assures, up to 90% less drilling directly into the shell, allowing the drums to breathe and resonate freely.

Both drum heads are tuned to the same pitch ratio but, according to the company, with the help of appropriately selected drum head thickness (e.g. thinner heads on the bottom of the drum, thicker on the batter side), you can adjust the pitch relationship between both of them.

A new product from WTS Drums presented for 2021 is the Epiphany series drum set, offering high-quality maple shells and a 12″, 14″, 20″ configuration to suit any stage or studio. Limited configuration and finish options keep the price down, while retaining all the attributes of the more expensive, Artistry series.

We recommend checking out the company’s offer and the idea behind the tuning mechanism itself on the WTS official website: https://www.welchtuningsystems.com