> > > New for 2021: Paiste Signature

The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces a new phase of Signature Series re-launches and new models.

In 1989, Paiste launched the Signature Series, using a bronze alloy specifically created for cymbal sound. That  Signature Alloyenabled Paiste to create cymbals with previously unknown qualities, featuring rich, full, and expressive sounds, ranging from delicate and sensitive to potent and powerful.

Over the past three decades, Signature Cymbals have defined the sound of numerous legendary drummers and have been passionately received by the world-wide drumming community.

After the introduction of mainly light models in course of the 30th Anniversary of the Signature Series in 2019, Paiste now relaunches classic cymbals for loud, powerful playing. Top drummers such as Danny Carey, John Dolmayan, Joey Jordison, Larry Mullen jr., Mikkey Dee, Nicko McBrain, Phil Rudd, Scott Travis, Stewart Copeland, Brad Wilk and Tico Torres made music history with these instruments.

  • 19“ & 20“ Power Crash are assertive instruments for bright, full accents.

  • 20“ & 22“ Power Ride pierce the loudest guitar walls with a solid, bright ping and strong bell sound.

  • 14“ & 15“ Power Hi Hi-Hat complete the family of Signature Power models with their bright and cutting character.

  • 14“ Heavy Hi-Hat features power and brilliance as well, and features clear, full sound with a rich low-end.

Also, for the first time Paiste presents the 22” Mellow Ride – a larger version of the popular ride cymbal. In the new size, the sweet, mellow stick sound and the rich, soft wash obtain even more depth and volume.

Signature Cymbals are made by hand from Signature Alloy using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

We also would like to remind you that you can listen to the sound of all the cymbals described above on the official Paiste website, thanks to the new Soundroom function.

You can read about the other updates on the official Paiste website HERE.