> > > New for 2021: Minuendo Earplugs

Hearing is one of our most important senses. Sound helps us appreciate our surroundings, form meaningful memories and, of course, enjoy music. Whether it is the sound of birds chirping in the background, rain pattering on the windowsill or the annoying noise of early-morning traffic, our hearing has the unique ability to shape our moods and emotions. This is why protecting it is so important.

Sounbrenner‘s latest partner product, Minuendo lossless earplugs, are the world’s only earplugs with variable passive high fidelity filters, with stepless manual adjustments from -7dB during quiet practice sessions and gigs, to -25dB if you’re on the front row of a gig or in an industrial area. Special built in Hi-Fi filter eliminates unnecessary noise and distortion as approved by audio engineers.

Designed and manufactured by a team of audio experts in Norway, these earplugs can be used in many applications that require precise noise reduction without impacting the quality of the sound. Also, there are no electronics so you never have to worry about charging them.

Traditional ear plugs such as generic orange foam plugs or even more premium earplugs will completely block out the sound, meaning whilst you are protecting your ears, you’re missing out on the audio around you. More expensive solutions such as moulded earplugs only allow one dB setting at a time, usually 7, 15 or 30dB. Also, singing, chewing or other jaw movements often introduce leak and thereby audible and annoying changes in sound.

Minuendo earplugs come with 11 different sets of ear tips so anyone can find the perfect fit without having to worry about the quality of audio.

You can purchase Minuendo earplugs directly at Soundbrenner‘s store: https://www.soundbrenner.com/shop-minuendo